EBS RUNSTEN Power Supply

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Power Supply - Multi napáječ

Technical Specifications

Output Specifications:
Ultra-low noise DC Outputs:
8 x selectable 9 or 12V,
900 resp 800 mA
2 x 9V, 900 mA
All outputs are short-circuit protected and fully galvanically isolated.
Connections are center negative on 2.1mm DC jacks.
USB Outputs: 2 x USB Type A, 5V 2A each

Extended Use of Outputs:

To achieve 18 or 24 V DC output, connect the included Serial Adaptor to two 9V (for 18V), or two 12V (for 24V) outputs.
To extend the current, connect the included Parallel Adaptor to two outputs of the same Voltage to double the current up to 1800 mA).
Use the dedicated adaptor included to invert center polarity to power a pedal with a Center positive power input jack.
Use the dedicated adaptor included to connect to a 2.5 mm jack if needed.
All included adaptors are available at the EBS webshop if more are needed.

Input specifications*

Input voltage range: 18-24V DC
Maximum power handling: 120W at 5A input.
* Dedicated external power supply included. The supplied AC/DC desktop-type adapter is rated 24V/2.5A, which equals a total maximum power of 60W, which should be sufficient for most setups.
Size: 175 x 69 x 25 mm / 6.89 x 2.72 x 0.98 inch
Weight: 310 g / 0.68 lbs

Cables included:
6x DC1-48 90/0
1x Center Negative to Center Positive adapter,
1x 2.1 mm Center Negative to 2.5 mm adapter,
1x Parallel Adapter Y-cable (current doubler)
1x Serial Adapter Y-cable (voltage doubler)