Marble Amps Bluesonic 2x8"

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Kombo pro ozvučení ústní harmoniky celolampové. Světově uznávané nejlepší svého druhu.
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Lampový zesilovač třídy A dodávající čistých .

Ovládání: volume, tone a contour
Výstupní výkon: 15 watts (12W RMS do 8 Ohm)
Repro:2x8" Marble Bluetone C8H25
Rozměry: 48 x 40 x 22 cm
Hmotnost: 12kg
Předzesilovač: 1x 12AT7 NOS, 1x 12AU7
Koncový zesilovač: 2x 6V6EH
Rectifier: 1x 5Y3GT

Marble bluesonic, one of our most recent developments for Blues Harp players. This is the perfect amp for jamsessions and to do small gigs with, rated at 15 Watts and fitted with 2x 8″ special design Bluetone speakers.

Following the same philosophy as the smaller MAX, we recently developed the Marble Bluesonic amp rated at a modest 15 Watt. Sharing the same simple basic elements with the MAX, combining them with the tonal facilities of the Harpwood makes the Bluesonic very versatile. This is the perfect amp for jammsessions and it is loud enough to do smaller gigs with. Fitted with two Marble special design 8″ Bluetone speakers the amp performs with impressive trumpet-like tone, great low end, and it is an attractive and very portable package.

“A. J… Contour, what does that control do?” On our Bluesonic and Harpwood models we are using a specific circuitry developed for Harmonica players. It consists of a tone and a contour control. Tone is actually a very oldfashion treble cutoff control that has been very effective with Harpplayers using older Gibsons, Fenders, Masco’s etc. Contour is a control that shifts the EQ circuitry frequency-wise and at the same time controls both mid and bass response. To the ear it seems that dialing the contour control from 6 downwards lows are gradually cutoff and the mids are scooped and emphasized. Turning the contour knob to 10-12 works the opposite way turning mids to ground and boosting bass response. The trick of it all is to find your sweet spot between middle and bass and mellow it down a little with the tone control.

We can here you guitarplayers think: “would your Bluesonic be suitable playing guitar?” We came up with the same idea and that’s why we offer a guitar version as well! We have altered the tonal circuitry a little to get the more logical volume, treble & bass setup for guitarplayers. This version works extremely well with the standard 2×8 harp-speaker-configuration giving a warm & vintage feel combined with good power-efficiency. The guitar-version can however be matched with a single 10 inch loudspeaker. Various 10″ versions work well but using the Celestion G10-Vintage matches the package perfectly, giving the Bluesonic that great overdrive sound with a tight and fat low-end with smooth upper harmonics. Using a pair of 6V6 EH outputtubes and a 5U4GB rectifiertube gives you exactly the right feel. For purists that want to have a more princeton type of amp with good low end and nice breakup characteristics, we can offer the same version fitted with a WeberVST alnico 10A125 to get a warmer and more sophisticated tone which is better for clean chords and slightly crunchy riffs.

Marble Bluesonic