EMG 81-7X snímač

Skladové číslo: 770021.01
Dostupnost výrobku: skladem

2.724 Doprava zdarma


Aktivní snímač pro sedmistrunnou kytaru. Balení obsahuje kompletní elektroniku pro instalaci.

The 81-7 is a high output pickup designed especially for the 7-string lead guitarist. The 81 is at its best for high volume overdrive and amps with a master volume. Whether you're playing power rock and roll, or overdriving your amp, there's a razor sharp attack, and incredible sustain for brilliant soloing. If you're looking for exceptional qualities in a 7-string rock pickup, the 81-7 is the one. The X series provide increased headroom giving the voicing an organic and open tone while still maintaining the clarity and response that EMG's are renowned for. X's are best described as bridging the gap between passive and active tone.